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Flex Credit Courses are identical to our Graduate Credit Courses in format, content, and evaluation but with two distinct differences - cost and documentation.

Many teachers don’t need a university transcript when updating their teaching credentials. Flex Credit courses provide you with a letter of completion (including hours for work completed), which is often the requirement for relicensing or recertification at a budget-friendly price.

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Let us explain the differences.

Course Type

Graduate-Level Continuing Education Credit Courses

Flex Credit Courses

Hours Only PD Courses

Course ApprovalsReviewed and approved by accredited University Partners.Exact course and format as a graduate credit course, but does not carry university approval nor university credit.Quiz-based, hours only courses that do not carry university approval nor university credit.
DocumentationUniversity transcript upon evaluation and successful completion.Teaching Channel letter of completion upon evaluation and successful completion. Credit upgrade available within 6 months of term end date.Teaching Channel letter of completion after successful quiz completion. Credit upgrade is NOT available.
Degree Required for EnrollmentBachelor’s degreeBachelor’s degreeNo Bachelor’s degree required.
Course MaterialsAll materials included in your course price.If the course requires a textbook, purchase (or borrow) the textbook. We’ll provide you with the ISBN.No textbooks are needed and all resources are included in the course price.
Course Pricing3 CE Grad Credits = $475
(discounts are possible)
3 CE Grad Credit Equivalent (45 Hours) = $189
(no discounts possible)
10 Hours = $99
(no discounts possible)

Typically Used For

Salary advancement, license renewal or recertification, or progress toward an advanced degree

License renewal or recertification

License renewal or recertification

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If the course is still offered and you are within six months of your term end date, you may be able to “upgrade” your course to obtain graduate-level continuing education credit.

Contact the Teaching Channel support team. We’ll help you select your university partner – then you will pay the difference in price. We will send your grade to your university and you will be able to request a transcript typically within 7-10 days. There are no discounts available for this credit upgrade.

A grade will not be included on your Teaching Channel letter of completion. However, your work will be evaluated with the same thoroughness as a for-credit course.

If you upgrade your Flex Credit course to a CE graduate credit course, your grade will be sent to the university partner you select.

Currently, we offer a Flex Credit option on our most popular courses. Additional courses may be added throughout the year.

Our Flex Credit offerings are heavily discounted. No additional discounts or promo codes are available.

A university transcript will show grades and courses that have been taken, while a letter of completion confirms that hours have been earned. Each university has unique elements included in its transcript.

Go to our University Partners Page to see sample transcripts.

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