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Online & Hybrid Courses (See Fast Track Course Terms)

Spring Term

Term Dates:

July 16, 2023 - Apr 15, 2024

Registration dates:

July 16, 2023 - Mar 15, 2024

Term credit limit:


Complete your course by 1/3/24 and get your transcript as early as:

Jan 15, 2024

Complete your course by 4/15/24 and get your transcript as early as:

3-5 days after grade posting

Summer Term

Term Dates:

Dec 16, 2023 - Aug 15, 2024

Registration dates:

Dec 16, 2023 - July 15, 2024

Term credit limit:


Complete your course by 5/16/24 and get your transcript as early as:

May 30, 2024

Complete your course by 8/15/24 and get your transcript as early as:

3-5 days after grade posting

Fall Term

Term Dates:

Mar 16 - Nov 15, 2024

Registration dates:

Mar 16 - Oct 22, 2024

Term credit limit:


Complete your course by 9/2/24 and get your transcript as early as:

Sept 15, 2024

Complete your course by 11/15/24 and get your transcript as early as:

3-5 days after grade posting

Fast Track Your Success

Fast Track Your Success

Running out of time? Expedite your learning with our Fast Track courses. Get immediate access to the course, personalized feedback on your work within two days, and transcripts in your hands more quickly than the traditional transcript processing timelines.

  • Choose among the Fast Track courses offered through select University partners
  • Course evaluators provide personalized feedback within two days
  • Transcripts are expedited for quick delivery

Choose From Three Fast Track Terms

Spring Term

Registration dates:

Jan 2 - May 15

Fast Track coursework due:

May 30

Transcripts Available:

Upon Request

Summer Term

Registration dates:

May 16 - Aug 15

Fast Track coursework due:

Aug 30

Transcripts Available:

Upon Request

Fall Term

Registration dates:

Aug 16 - Nov 25

Fast Track coursework due:

Dec 9

Transcripts Available:

Beginning Sep 8

Frequently Asked Questions


Learn about the maximum number of credits allowed per session.

Learners Edge will allow you to take a maximum of 15 credits* per session. This is equal to five of our 3-credit graduate level courses.

Each session has a set completion date where all work is due. This deadline will be the same regardless of the number of credits taken in each session.

Please learn more about session dates here.

We do not have a minimum number of credits you need to take per session.

*NOTE: Our university partners Pacific Lutheran University, Southern New Hampshire University and University of Massachusetts Global will allow 9 credits for fall and spring session, and 12 credits for summer session. All of our other university partners allow 15 credits per session.

We take the health and safety of our employees and our customers very seriously. We are monitoring the safety recommendations regarding COVID-19 and want you to be aware of the measures we are taking to protect our employees and our customers.

We take the health and safety of our employees and our customers very seriously. We are monitoring the safety recommendations regarding COVID-19 and want you to be aware of the measures we are taking to protect our employees and our customers.

  1. If any of our employees feel sick, have a cold or a flu, we are asking them to work from home for two weeks. Most people show COVID-19 symptoms within 5 days, occasionally within 14 days.
  2. If any of our employees, or anyone they live with, have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, we are expecting them to follow the above two-week quarantine and work from home.
  3. We are asking our employees to wash their hands before eating and often through the day. We are also asking them to avoid touching their face.
  4. We have an internal team wiping down heavy use surfaces regularly with disinfectant wipes, including our fulfillment and shipping area to ensure that our books and shipping materials remain clean.
  5. We know teachers and schools will be affected by this outbreak in a multitude of ways. We are here to support you and will continue to offer our online courses without interruption.

Also, if you are concerned about shipping and textbooks, here is a list of courses that do not require textbooks:

5031   Social Emotional Learning: Strengthening Hearts and Minds

5093   Digital Tools in the Connected Classroom

5095   Teaching with Video to Support Digital Classroom Success

5096   Integrating Innovative Classroom Technology

5099   Your Next Level Google Guide

5102   Anxiety Awareness: Empowering Students with Help and Hope

5833   One Stop Shop: Online Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides and Forms for your Classroom

5835   Create and Captivate: Using Online Presentations to Teach

804   Consumer to Creator: Coding and Kids

806   Digital Citizenship in The Classroom

854   Caring for the Mental Health of Your Students

Yes, we offer both through our exclusive university partner, American College of Education.

The programs offered through American College of Education include low tuition and the opportunity to transfer up to nine credits from Learners Edge courses toward your degree.

When you transfer in your nine Learners Edge credits, you will have fewer credits remaining – saving you time and money. Our chart below shows the Master’s and Doctoral programs available, including credits, cost and expected time to completion.

Program NameTotal CreditsCredits AwardedCredits RemainingTotal Cost of ProgramTime to Completion
M.Ed in Advance Studies34925$7,02512 – 14 months
M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction
M.Ed in Educational Technology
M.Ed in Elementary Education
M.Ed in Special Education
M.Ed in Integrated Curriculum31922$6,200
M.Ed in Teacher Leadership31625$7,025
Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction64955$20,755Estimated time to completion: 3 years
Ed.D. in Leadership
Ed.D. in Instructional Leadership
Ed.D. in Second Language Instruction

To apply for a Master’s or Doctoral degree, complete the request form and the ACE team will be in touch to answer your questions.

Of course we do–and we’d love for you to explore all of our options!

You may not be in a traditional classroom setting, or your role doesn’t include working with students in the same way that a general classroom teacher might. Learners Edge offers over 20 courses that provide some flexibility in their requirements to allow non-traditional educational professionals to apply their learning in a way that is relevant to their role.

These courses can be found here!

Please feel free to download a syllabus to learn more, or reach out via email, live chat or phone if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

Check out our careers page for current openings.

All open positions are posted on our website. (For future reference, that page is under About Us > Who We Are.)

We’re sad to see you cancel your Learners Edge course, but let’s make it easier on both of us!

Switch your course

First, we are certainly able to switch your registration to a different course. If you feel that you will benefit from a different course, we are happy to update your registration. You can select another course and there is a $15 charge if you would like the textbook shipped to you. Please connect with our Support and Registration Teams to update your record and change the courses.

Cancel your course

If you would ultimately like to cancel your course, you have 30 days from the course order date printed on your receipt to let us know. A $50 non-refundable cancellation fee per course will apply. Once you confirm that this is what you would like to do, we will cancel your courses and issue a refund to the original form of payment. Please let us know if you have any additional questions

Prefer to peruse our courses with a paper catalog in hand? Need to request a handful to share with teachers in your school?

The quickest and easiest way to browse Learners Edge courses is directly on our website. However, we’re tight with the post office and would be happy to drop a catalog in the mail to you if you’d prefer.


You can register for a course any time! Just pick the session that’s right for you.

We offer 3 sessions, and the registration timelines overlap. This provides you with plenty of flexibility to pick the session that’s best for you.

Check out this page for all the session date details.

Here are some things we’d like you to know about Learners Edge evaluators.

All Learners Edge Evaluators:

  • Have a minimum of 5 years of classroom experience
  • Hold a Masters and/or Doctorate degree
  • Have experience in the course they evaluate
  • Provide feedback on each assignment within 7 business days.
  • Want you to succeed and will assess your work according to the course rubric included in your syllabus. Please consult the rubric proper to submitting each Module. If you forget a requirement, your evaluator will provide guidance in the Instructor Summary comments. Please resubmit when you have made the necessary changes.
  • Are HUMAN! They will always do their very best to provide timely, insightful feedback.

I’m nervous about passing the course…

We understand! It’s natural to have concerns, but what makes Learners Edge so well-liked by teachers is we are an email, chat, or phone call away if you have questions!

In your course syllabus, you’ll find the rubric that will be used to evaluate your work. We encourage you to self-evaluate your completed document prior to submission to ensure your work meets the criteria for your desired grade.

Once you submit, your evaluator will review your work against the rubric and provide personalized feedback. Enjoy reading the evaluator’s cheers and accolades!

Tip: Check out this article for more information on viewing the feedback from your evaluator.

If you have not met the module’s minimum requirements, don’t worry! The evaluator will provide feedback that clearly explains what is missing or needs to be revised and will return the module to you. Then, make your changes, and resubmit your work.

No muss, no fuss, and no penalty. We want you to learn!

Evaluation and Grade Transcription you can count on!

If you’re reading this article, you are likely on the home stretch of your course – congratulations! We can’t wait to see the brilliance you’ve acquired through your Learners Edge course.

Evaluators provide feedback on each and every Continuing Education course assignment. You will receive feedback from your course evaluator within 7 days of assignment submission. 

Our evaluation team reviews work in the order it is submitted. Keep in mind, we work weekends and will get your coursework back to you as quickly and thoroughly as possible. We’ll send you an email notification after one of our super evaluators has reviewed your coursework. Make sure to read the feedback from your evaluator and resubmit if requested or pat yourself on the back for a job well done! If you are under a time crunch, we offer an Expedited Evaluation service that may help!

Tip: Check out this article for more information on viewing the feedback from your evaluator.

Once your work is complete (if it is after the grade release date for the session), you will receive a course completion email from Learners Edge. This email will tell you that your grade has posted to your Learners Edge record and you can access your Learners Edge letter of completion. We will send your grade in an automatic overnight transfer to your university partner.

Tip: Here are step-by-step instructions for accessing your Letter of Completion.

We adhere to the grading and session timelines of our university partners. With each session, there is a grade release date. This is the date we will begin releasing and posting grades for coursework completed in the session. If you complete the coursework before the grade release date, your grade and letter of completion will not be available until the session grade release date.

Session Grade Release Dates

  • Spring: January 3
  • Summer: May 17
  • Fall: September 3

After we’ve sent your grade, follow the transcription timeline of your university partner. For more information on transcription timelines, go to your university partner’s page on our website.


Learners Edge is proud to offer our courses at an exceptional value to educators. We work diligently to ensure our courses are affordable, relevant, and accessible to all educators. Although we are not able to match the discounts and prices offered by other providers, we do offer many savings opportunities for our Learners Edge courses on top of our standard competitive pricing.  

  • New to Learners Edge? We have a promotion for you! 
  • Returning customer looking to save on your next course? We have you covered! Connect on Chat! 
  • Looking to enroll in more than one course today? Tap into our multi-course discount
  • Have 3 or more teachers wanting to register? Group discounts offer our greatest savings with additional incentives! 
  • Hoping to register for 3-5 courses with a monthly payment plan? We have Course Bundles with our Learners Edge Pay as You Learn payment option! 

As we expand our course lineup, offerings, and University Partner options, we remain dedicated to continuing to offer the same high-quality, university-approved, graduate-level continuing education courses you have come to know and love! As a bonus, with each registration, we are providing FREE access to Teaching Channel’s expansive video library. This subscription is available for the longevity of your registered session(s) and is an additional value of up to $120. 

Connect with our Registration Team today regarding any pricing and savings questions you may have. We are available on live chat, via email, and by phone! 

Learners Edge courses are awesome AND affordable!

The course fees include text, materials, evaluation, and partnership fees. We are not able to provide a breakdown of the cost.

For full pricing information, visit the pricing page on our website.

Technology Questions

Four simple steps to accessing your customer number in your account.

  1. Click on the ‘Account‘ button at the top of our site to log in.

    My account login
  2. Scroll down and enter your email and password.

    Sign in form
  3. Click on ‘Profile’ from the dropdown menu.

    User menu
  4. Scroll down and you will find your Customer Number located below your email.

    Customer number

We’re glad you found our webinars. Let’s get your certificate!

Learners Edge loves to share great learning about current topics and trends in education. If you’ve enjoyed watching one of Learners Edge webinars, you are welcome to submit the form on each individual webinar page and print out the Certificate of Completion. Webinar Certificates of Completion allow you to print and complete with your name and date watched (customization is not available).

Here is an example:

  1. After watching the webinar, complete the form (Download Your Certificate of Completion) found to the right of the video:

    Webinar certificate

  2. Once you complete the fields in the form, you will receive the following response. Click on the link that is highlighted below.

    Certificate Download

  3. Based on what webinar you viewed, a Certificate will open or be downloaded to your computer. Please print and fill in your name and date you watched the webinar. Our webinars are offered as a free resource for educators and no customization of names nor dates is available. Here is an example:

    Webinar Certificate Example

Follow these simple steps.

  1. Log in to your YouTube account. If you do not have one, you can create one for free. Click HERE for steps to set up a new account.
  2. Click on the camera icon, and then Upload Video

    YouTube Camera Button 1. Log in to your YouTube account. If you do not have one, you can create one for free. Click HERE for steps to set up a new account. Upload Video to YouTube

  3. Then Select files to upload and pick the privacy setting. You will need to choose either Public or Unlisted long enough for the evaluator to view the video. After that, you can change it to Private or even delete it.

    YouTube Privacy

  4. Then copy the URL and paste it into your assignment.

    YouTube Link to Share

**Be sure to leave your video as Public or Unlisted until your evaluator has provided you with feedback.**

Choose the browser that suits you best!

When you log in to your online course, use a supported browser.

Please make sure you have updated your browser to the most current version, and that you have pop-ups and 3rd party cookies set to “always allow.”

You may also want to download the following software, to ensure that your course runs smoothly:

TIP: Most coursework must be submitted in a .PDF format. Here’s a helpful article about how to convert your assignments to a PDF!

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome (recommended)
  • Safari
  • Firefox

Unsupported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer